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do this.

Posted on 2006.11.28 at 21:01
I'm going to Kenya for three weeks this summer to renovate a school in Meru. This school has no running water, dirt floors and only 15 teachers to about 500 students. This is super easy and you would be helping us pay for construction materials and school supplies for these students.

www.goodsearch.com will donate 9 cents to the cause every time someone uses it! Its run through Yahoo! so it is still a really good search engine. If you could set it as your homepage (there is a link to directions on how to do so at the very bottom of the page) and type in "Augustana Harambee" (yes its spelled right) as the charity you could literally help change lives for doing something you already do anyways! Even if you only use it for awhile...

Feel free to repost this and tell your friends...seriously, this is an amazing cause and its SO EASY (its not like I'm asking you for money...it doesn't cost you anything!)

Thanks much!

Posted on 2006.05.08 at 00:34
two weeks. two weeks and i will be on my way home. two weeks and my college career will be half way over. i always have such mixed feelings about going home. (brandon would be laughing right now).

im 90% sure this will be my last summer spent at home. it is going to be bittersweet. why does everyone want to grow up so fast? most of my friends aren't coming home this summer, or they are there but tying the knot and moving away. i can't wait to be back in steamboat though. i'm going to do my best to enjoy it...i'm not saying its going to be a bad summer, just a little boring and redundant i'm guessing. luckily i have such an awesome year behind be to get all nostalgic about. i've had so much fun this year:

Homecoming champs!

Some halloween ridiculousness.

An awesome band tour.

Stigma. (and the drama that ensued...)

A full speed family!!!!

My best friend per Augustana...

and some of the best (drinking) buddies I could ask for.

Relay for Life.

Posted on 2006.04.27 at 11:33

Go. Donate. Now.

if nothign else go look at the stupid picture of me.


Posted on 2006.04.05 at 22:45
Current Mood: crappycrappy
yeah, i probably have the mumps. awesome. absolutely awesome. i find out tomorrow if i get to be quarentined...then on friday i get my lab test results. i hate this. no one wants to be near me. i was homesick before...and this doesnt help. my mom is coming though...so i guess that has its pluses. shes going to take care of me if i for sure have it...otherwise she said we could jsut hang out for the weekend and go shopping. so thats pretty sweet i guess. i think she was planning on coming anyways. i've been calling her almost every day and complaining about classes. she knows im really homesick. :-/ idk, im excited though.

joe got elected mayor of hayden. (im the first daughter of howdyville!!) haha...its funny. and random.

anyhoo...just a quick break...back to the paper writing.

7.5 weeks...

Posted on 2006.03.22 at 21:27
Current Mood: distresseddistressed
wow, long time no update...

grades were good last term...3.45, so close to the dean's list again, grrrr. maybe this term...? classes suck this term...they're either really boring, hard, or both. except for percussion methods, but thats just bleh.

i've been in kind of a bad emotional state lately...i don't want to be here anymore. at all. and its showing in my actions, lack of motivation, oversleeping, lots of naps...that kinda thing...right back to where I was last year. jen's negativity has really been getting to me lately too, and it sucks to get frusterated with your best friend whenever you're together.

tour was awesome. pledging is fun, its nice (and weird) being on the other side. my little pretty much rocks. i <3 taylor. mallory is doing an amazing job, despite her wierd stomache thing...

we were in the hospital for like 7 hours yesterday, and they couldnt figure out whats going on, but the next step is to scope her throat to see if shes getting ulcers...so who knows.

but yeah. i'm at that point where i only think about being at home. i really can't wait to see tony. and stop and see hannah on the way. i hope andrea and preston come home this summer. i'm going to be lost if they're gone + hannah not being there. i need money. i need to find somewhere to live. i need to see abotu getting another job, cause i don't want to work at the cowboy store anymore, and i want somethign relevant to my major. we'll see.

steamboat is calling me, and i want out.

winter term...almost finished.

Posted on 2006.02.16 at 18:34
ok so, this is my pre-orchestra break. then workworkwork tonight, and hopefully i can just sleep the morning away tomorrow, we'll see.

valentines was awesome. i had so much fun. its officially the best valentines day i've ever had. so horray for that. :-)

rush is over...i'm glad. its out of our hands now and just up to the rushees. i hope mallory gets to pledge, and i hope people are fair to her if she does. i'm not going to put up with people singling her out. i have a huge rant prepared otherwise. and im going to leave it at that. i know exactly who i want for my little. i know my big wants her in our family too, so we'll see. its weird to think that last night was the last time the 05-06 group will be together without the new pledge class...pretty exciting stuff.

voting wasn't too bad last night, but i was completely drained afterwards...i had an ED300 test today, and a music history test on top of that. i honestly think i got an A+ on music history...i can feel it. but ED was terrible...i dont feel good about it at all, and its the biggest grade we get, but hopefully i did alright...last night was the absolute worst night we could've had formal, and i didnt really get to study at all. but my grade is good enough that even a C on the test wouldnt destroy me...

thank god this term is almost over.

tour is in a week. im not really excited about it yet, but i know i will be...i just have a ton to do between now and then, LJ shouldnt be what im doing right now, but meh. and i think part of it has to do with the fact that we've just really started clicking within the last few days. but we sound good. im excited for alumni to come see us, and for lots of bus time...haha. my iPod is probably going to be my best friend on tour this year...jk.

anyhoo...i should go warmup and stuff.

yesterday was out of control

Posted on 2006.02.12 at 15:56
Ghana go party
Nick, Luke, and the olympics
Jen is amazing
BASKETBALL HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
danging on tables
shake your wacky macky
good talk with jodi
we found a cat, a named it peaches
keystone light
good good night

now i need to do some history homework.

2 weeks.

Posted on 2006.02.07 at 23:09
two weeks of this term left, and i can't wait. i let myself get really behind last week, but i made some good progress today on things, my motivation is back. :-)

rush this weekend was awesome. i met some amazing girls. mallory is excited, and im glad that she plans on pledging if things work out. i'm going to miss living with her next year, but if shes a speed it wont matter who she lives with, we'll still she each other all the time. :-) and we are prepared for some of the awkwardness that is to come being an active/pledge roomie pair. i also realized how much that group means to me again this weekend...its been an awesome year. its going to be exciting to see whos in the pledge class...theres some girls we all loved that will absolutely be outside founders the sunday after spring break wearing their white shirts if they want it...they are just absolute speeds...then theres some you could see going other ways but that would still be great with us...who knows. im excited though. i still havent found the girl i want for my little, at least not that i know will be a speed...but who knows...we still have formals.

band is getting pretty good. rehearsals have been good, and its at that crunch time point where its hit us, and we're all excited, and realize how soon we need to not suck. tour will be fun...and bus drama, again. lol. i have a feeling its an every year thing...haha. oh well...im a lot more apathetic about it this year. and now that i know i can switch at will, who really cares?

boys complicate things. i will just say that. i've been in some interesting situations as of late...and it boggles my mind sometimes. i hope some things work out though...optimism is my friend. but i need to get my head in order and figure out what i really want. we'll see.


in a rut.

Posted on 2006.02.03 at 00:41
im so ready for this term to be over...im at a point where, with the exception of ED300 my grades are all going to be good, even if i slack off the rest of term and term in mediocre work...its getting pretty hard to motivate myself. i guess i'd rather be in this situdation than stressing over pulling it all up...but i have a busy few weeks still (five papers left to write, three tests, orchestra concert, rush, and tour preparation, in the next three weeks).

all my work the other week paid off, A-'s on test and paper in Culver's, B on ED300 test, B+ on the group paper, and a B- on my history paper (actually not too happy about that one, i worked my ass off...but im going to talk to him and make sure i do well on the next one). so at least im still proving that hard work does pay off.

im also just getting kinda home sick...everyones like "yay, spring break..." and im still thinking about four more months until i get to go home. i know its an occupational hazard of coming to school here, and i know it'll pass, but i really miss my friends and family, and mountains. idk.

i've also seemed to get myself into some frustrating situations...friends, guys, life...grrrr.

but im getting my haircut tomorrow, and RUSH starts tomorrow, that should help. especially the haircut...call me a girl but that always cheers me up.

im really happy with the way my lessons have been going, and just my playing in general...i've really improved, this term especially. i sound like crap by the time i get to orchestra sometimes...but somehow culver still tells me i sound good, so maybe im not too terrible :-P

i always say this but i really need to work out again. yuck.

anyhoo...im gonna try to go to sleep again.

Posted on 2006.01.24 at 22:01
this last two and a half weeks have felt like an absolute academic hell. lots of tests and papers. it all got done though, and i think my american history paper was one of the most well written papers i've turned in in a long time. my group paper for ED300 took a lot longer than planned...maureen McG and i were editing FOREVER...our other group member pretty much bastardized the English language...

an excerpt: "This idea has lead our group to believe that the ability for cooperative learning to not be able to be standardized because of the changes that occur, which was stated in the journal, should be irrelevant."


In retrospect of the cooperative learning’s framework and how this directly affects the effectiveness
of how it is implemented as well as it’s standardization ability, we have come to the conclusion that perhaps cooperative learning is not used as much as we believe it should be.

oh jesus. some of her writing was so incoherent we didn't even know what she was trying to say...it was out of control. it prevented me from writing an exam supplement, and studying as much for both of the tests i had today (i still think i did pretty well on both)...but yeah, tonight is officially my night of nothing. i didnt have band, so i took a three hour nap instead, and i only have a few things to do before thursday, so i've officaily shut my brain off for the night.

this weekend was fun. i really enjoyed the speed retreat, even if i didnt get much sleep. it was really nice just to have such a relaxing night with some of my favorite people, and i really needed that time just with the sorority. sloppy sundaes on saturday was fun, we made it fun at least...the poobahs didn't really show up, but they usually dont. we left and went to the GAB house for awhile, which is always fun, but we didn't stay long since we were all gross from sloppy sundaes. but then me, jen and kevin had a sleepover. it was nice to get to hang out with kevin for a bit, we haven't seen much of each other in a while.

IMEA on thursday...should be funish, hopefully i'll manage to get some homework done. SPD/COG this weekend...making mallory go, josh will be there too, good times will be had by all.

anyhoo...that ended up getting kinda long...so yeah...later.

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